Cloud Hosting

As a part of our service we also offer to host your website in our Server Cloud.

Epium provides quality cloud computing services in our resilient cloud platform.

Cloud Servers offer high availability where as Dedicated Servers do not. Our service is a true cloud product which have redundant centralized storage, so we are able to live migrate machines to other nodes without any downtime.

The Cloud Server has become the most popular choice for businesses looking for a reliable and high performance server. When you use a Cloud server, you will have more flexibility and room for innovation. At Epium, we are capable of offering many different types of cloud services under the same roof. We utilize all of these services to give our customers complete server solutions instead of just services.

By having your CMS hosted with Epium we are able to offer 24/7 monitoring and service if any technical issues should occur.

Please note that this is not offered as a stand-alone product. We only offer hosting as an addon to customers who are using our Content Management services.

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