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Virtualize your hardware and cut your hardware costs.

Increased server count is a reality for organizations of all sizes and the trend is likely to accelerate.

The proliferation of servers has a number of significant downsides affecting IT budgets, network administration and support, system availability, and management distraction.

One of the most exciting new ways to help manage the growth of servers is virtual server technology, which allows multiple virtual servers to run on a single physical server. For all intents and purposes, virtual servers are functionally identical to having separate dedicated physical servers. Virtualization has the obvious advantage of saving hardware costs, since a single physical machine can take the place of multiple systems without the costs associated with purchasing and provisioning additional server equipment. But hardware consolidation is only one of the benefits of deploying virtual servers. Using virtual server technology, businesses can easily achieve server segmentation and isolation, and can enhance the manageability, fault-tolerance, and recoverability of line-of-business servers.

Virtualization technology can also be utilized for centralizing the delivery of Windows desktops and applications to local, remote, and mobile clients. This can significantly cut management costs for common time-consuming tasks such as desktop deployment, provisioning, and updating.

Epium can help you with a strategy for moving your servers to a virtual platform. Even if you only have a few servers, moving to a virtual platform can make your platform more resilient and more manageable.

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